Saying farewell to the vegetable garden for the year

The storm came out of nowhere, and so did the flood. New Jersey is no stranger to thunderstorms, but quite honestly they happen so often around here I paid no attention to the forecast. Before I knew it, we had a power outage and torrential rain. Oh yeah, and flooding. Lots of flooding. Unfortunately, that was the end of the vegetable garden for the year as a neighboring river overflowed and caused feet of standing water covering everyones’ crops. The water has since receded, but a big muddy mess remains. Even if some of the vegetables survive they won’t be safe to eat, so I guess this is where the road ends… Until next May, of course. image The picture above was taken by a fellow community gardener. When I drove by during the storm the water level was actually higher, reaching the top of the highest wooden post on the fence. Today, my husband and I stopped by and it smelled like sewage. Fences had been toppled, plants drowned, and we even found a little fish on the ground. Needless to say, I regret giving our cucumbers “another day or two” because if I’d picked them this week they would have been tossed into a salad this weekend. I guess that’s Mother Nature for you. And I guess this means I need to spend as much time and effort as I can to grow those tomatoes in our home garden. At least they’re looking good these days. They’re all we have left!


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