Gorgeous Dahlias in Bloom

imageThe Spring and Summer flowers have come and gone. Watermelon displays have been replaced with pumpkins. Mums line the entry of every grocery store. School has started and leaves are beginning to fall. Summer really is coming to an end, and before we know it the holiday season will be underway. While I adore Autumn, and especially Pumpkin Spice Lattes, it’s refreshing to see a bright pop of color in our yard to remind us we still have some warm days ahead. And so I present to you one of our first dahlias of the year. It sure is pretty, and I grew it!

You’ll have to forgive me for bragging and patting myself on the back for accomplishing something that so many people can do, but it was my first time planting dahlia tubers and I find it rewarding to grow plants from seeds and bulbs. The stalk on this plant is over five feet tall and its bamboo stake is barely holding its weight. We have many other dahlias, but they’re not quite as developed yet. This one is in direct sunlight and has really thrived. The remainder are shaded by a very large tree, but shouldn’t be too far behind. So far, we have a pink flower and a deep purple/white bloom hiding behind our Japanese Maple Tree. Planting a variety of colors made this even more fun. When I see evidence of a flower about to bloom I get to watch as the color develops. Stay tuned in the weeks to come… There will hopefully be many more flowers to share.

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