…And then there were three

imageToday I’m not giving you a recipe. I didn’t do any crafts. Money saving tips? No such luck. The purpose of this post is solely to brag about the amazing family I have and to announce the newest tiny addition to our world: Paul William. Our little dude is so special he has not one, but two first names. I know I’m biased, but he is the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen. He is well-behaved and incredibly strong. Within days of birth, his future already looks bright. Paul William is going to do great things and you can quote me on this: this kid is going places. We are such proud parents. Let me say that again: parents.imageI struggle to find words to describe the overwhelming love and adoration I have for this perfect little being, and I never thought it was possible to love my husband more than I already do. When I look over and see my boys all cuddled up my heart just melts. In an instant, or in 13.5 hours I could more accurately say, life has changed and will never be the same. Oh yes the laundry has grown, simple errands are now more complicated, and every nook and cranny is filled with baby gear. Our nights are now occupied by keeping this baby fed and dry, and his schedule will forever dictate our plans. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I couldn’t be happier.imageIt’s been a true blessing having family around to help welcome this guy into their lives. We had a crowd of people showing their support in the hospital waiting room, last minutes cross country flights from grandma and grandpa, and a huge gathering the day we came home. Everyone has showered us with gifts, food, and all the help we could imagine. It’s a great reminder of just how important family is. And our family? We just grew by one.

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