Christmas Craft – Mistletoe Footprints

imageIt’s December, which means the countdown to my favorite holiday has begun. It also means my poor son will be the pawn in all the crafts and projects I feel like making this year. Our first craft is a canvas with tiny footprints decorated like mistletoe. We did this one to surprise daddy, but if you have a particularly wiggly two month old like me, you’ll be better off with a second adult helper. Our footprints are far from perfect, but I didn’t stain any clothing or countertops so I consider this a win.

I saw a similar image floating around Pinterest which I was trying to replicate. I couldn’t find an actual link or tutorial anywhere, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Here’s what we did, for any of you who would also like to attempt this Christmas keepsake:

1. Gather your supplies: Acrylic paint, canvas, foam brush, bells, ribbon, and two tiny baby feet

2. Add your text: You could do this last if it makes you more comfortable. I wrote all of my text first because I was really excited and wasn’t ready to give PW a bath. I wound up using puffy paint because we had it on hand, but any paint or marker will do. Let the paint dry before proceeding.

3. Paint your baby: I used a foam brush to paint his foot while he was lying down, then I smushed the canvas into his foot. Repeat and wait for footprints to dry completely. Give your baby a bath to keep yourself occupied.

4. Add the final embellishments: This is where you can get creative. I added bells and a bow. Although glue might have held my bow just fine, I decided to poke two holes in the canvas and tie the ribbon on for some extra security.

5. Admire your work!



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