Father’s Day Photo Shoot

imageTrying to to decide what to do for Father’s Day this year? Why not stage a photo shoot in a new tie for Dad? This is a fun twist on the traditional “tie for Father’s Day” idea. These pictures were far from what I envisioned, but I’m actually very pleased with how well they turned out and I think Daddy will be too.

A few days ago, we headed to Nordstrom and picked out a new tie for my husband. P.W. tried to eat this one, so it was clearly baby approved. Afterward, we went off to one of our favorite spots in town and took some pictures in the tie with some props. Originally, I wanted the photo shoot to include not only the tie, but one of Dad’s shirts as well. It didn’t work out. It was huge and the baby couldn’t wiggle around in it. I also falsely believed our son would enjoy playing with the wooden letters. It turned out to be a losing battle between the grass, the dirt, and people walking their dogs on the nearby path.

Fortunately we had a white onesie to take the pictures in. I also found a tree to lean the props against. In the end, I managed to get a few cute shots in before the rain (rain in Southern California?) sent us home. These pictures are already on a mug I designed on Shutterfly and will be on our door step in time for Father’s Day! image image image

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