Fitbit Flex vs. Fitbit Charge HR: Why the Flex Wins

imageWe are officially a Fitbit family. A few weeks ago, I bought the Fitbit Charge HR for my husband. He loves it. It tracks his steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, heart rate, and monitors his sleep. Before he even opened the packaging, I was jealous. I went back and forth between wanting the Charge HR and the Flex, but ended up buying the latter for myself and it perfectly suits my needs. Although the Charge HR is newer and has a few additional features I think the Flex is still the appropriate choice for many people. Here are a few reasons I went with the Flex, and why it may be right for you too.

1. It’s smaller. I tried the Charge HR on and it seemed somewhat masculine to me. I know it comes in different sizes and colors, but even the small one was big on my wrist. I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry or accessories and the Flex was more comfortable to me.

2. You can change the band. I’ll probably wear the black band most often, but I did buy the Sport Accesory Pack which has teal, tangerine, and navy. Fitbit also teamed up with Tory Burch to make a few swoon-worthy bands perfect for a special occasion. Sometimes you want to match your outfit or mood, and sometimes you need something a little fancier to wear to that upcoming wedding. It’s always good to have options.

3. I don’t need the heart rate monitoring. Taking care of a baby, I’m not going out for high-intensity runs. My primary form of exercise is pushing a stroller around the neighborhood. The reason I wanted a fitness tracker was to motivate myself to get moving and take more steps. The Flex accomplishes that.

4. I don’t need to know how many floors I’ve climbed. I consider this feature a “nice to have,” not a “need to have.” The only time I’d really see this as useful information is when I’m hiking or running stairs. While my husband does these activities all the time, I don’t do either of them alone since I’m usually with our little man. If I’m curious about elevation I’ll just ask my husband how high we’ve gone when we’re out as a family.

5. You don’t have to take it off. I wouldn’t recommend scuba diving with this thing, but it’s water-resistant to the point where I don’t have to worry about water splashing on it while doing the dishes, giving the baby a bath, or when I’m at the beach. Some people shower with their Flex as well. It’s one less thing to worry about when you have “baby brain.”

6. Sleep patterns matter. I know both the charge HR and the Flex track sleep, but I actually have to put my Flex into sleep mode. This may be irritating to some, but for me it’s useful. When I’m awake nursing the baby, my tracker often thinks I’m asleep. I’m literally not moving an inch so the tracker assumes I’m sleeping. By having the capability of tapping my device on and off, I have control and can get a more accurate reading.

So that just about sums it up. The Charge HR is the perfect fit for my husband, but the Flex works better for me. I highly recommend both of them and they really have reinforced healthy habits in our home. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

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